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The truth is I miss you.

Never thought I'd feel so blue...

It's Craig's 33rd birthday next Monday, this reminder leaves me utterly depressed. I only ever met him a few times when I was eleven/twelve but he's the only crush that I still remember and give a damn about... and quite frankly, still love. I adore him more now that I'm older and because he was my cousin's ex I know alot more about him then what I did then...it makes it hurt all the more.


I worked at Paramount Photos yesterday from 10 till 3 at the Brookside store, it's more energetic than what it is at Aspley plus the majority of the customers are hot army guys rather then the wacky pensioners. I got paid for the work I did which was nice and unexpected, the people at the Paramount stores are lovely and I feel bad for now having to decline the job.

I got the traineeship! It starts next Monday, five days a week for 5 months -which means I'll be on the computer even less- the idea is that there will be 4 groups of 3 young people with each group producing a video for the Pine Rivers community. This will be my third video production involvement in less then two years and I think that's the reason why they decided to take me on board in the first place. It's not youth work but it's still community based so I'm pleased about that.

So today was my last day at Worklinks, I'm going to miss everyone there especially Rosemary who I totally heart. But we're all going to keep in touch and I'll still be seeing Chris every fortnight.
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