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I feel so much for those poor souls that have been affected by hurricane Katrina's destruction and what makes it worse is the way these people have/are being treated, a shoot to kill policy is ridiculous and unfathomable to me, these people that have been raping and killing others should be restrained as humanely as possible not murdered and the people that are looting who gives a shit! They have nothing left, let them loot they need/ed to survive. Kayne West's speech could of been phrased better and dare I say it but he could of been less racist, and I don't believe it is all about being black there is that factor of course, which is sad, but there are and were white people there who lost everything and suffered the same as well even if the majority of the people that live there were blacks. Colour though should not come into it nor wealth, we are all human regardless of colour, religion, sexuality and I thought it biased that Kayne West said that "Bush doesn't care about black people" he shouldn't have singled out the blacks he should of said something "Bush doesn't care about his people" or something...Anyway I don't live there and never have so I don't know the whole story but from what I've heard, seen and read these are my thoughts on the situation - if any of you guys want to correct me please do so so that I am more informed about this. I would like to know your thoughts on this as well...

I have been so tired and withdrawn lately and have neglected those dear to me (love you Rox and sorry!)
Sometimes I just want to bury myself in my room and not come out, I'm not depressed just unsocialable at the moment for some reason and finding it had to finish projects eg: angelicrogue's fanfiction.

Anyway today was Tafe Day; we went to a boat-building class where we made our own fibreglass moulds. The room was putrid with about 50 million different types of chemicals going up into your brain and I swear the guy running the thing had inhaled too much resin. The good thing was Rosemary and I were able to check out some rather good looking fellows, very nice indeed=)

Apart from that nothing much has been happening, rather boring actually.

Kayla: I am working on your header and I'll try to finish it before the weekend is over.
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