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Robert and I got in a fight last night, he's such a control freak. As always I came out second last - he busted my lip and threw a cling-wrap box at me and cut my shoulder...yup he's an a-class asshole. I'm over it now, but I still have alot of anger towards him for all the abuse he's put me through over the years.

Anyway that shit's depressing, I don't want to go into all my old crap.

Dad went to my Aunt's yesterday to rifle through my Granddads old war photos/documents- I now wish I'd of gone with him. I was never able to really get to know him he had a major stroke leaving him half paralyzed and speechless when he was in his fifties, it's only now that I'm discovering about him and his life. I have so much respect and love for both my grandparents, I'll be heart broken when I lose my Grandmammy and my Granddaddy (my mums parents).

This is my Dads Dad, Grandpa Cec in his uniform
He was a supply Captain during the war isn't he handsome
grandad uniform

I love this photo of Grandma and Grandpa, they look like they're straight out of an old war movie
grandma and grandad

Grandpa standing with two 'Fuzzie Wuzzie Angels' - on a side note it's so wonderful that these men have now finally been recognized for their help during the war
fuzzie wuzzie angels

A drawing my Grandpa did of his hut in Milne Bay, New Guinea
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