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I feel so alone in the family. Since Robert started working for the same company that my dad works at I've noticed how close the two have come. I'm not a jealous person but it's my dad, it's always been Mum and Robert vs Dad and me every since I can remember.
There's no way in hell that I'm going to become buddy-buddy with mum anytime soon either. Dad was my life-line (that sounds corny, but it's true)I have always gone to him when I've been in trouble and he was the only one that was really there for me when I went through depression and when I tried killing myself. Now I feel like Robert taking it all away.

anyway enough whining...
I have a job interview on Wednesday (therefore I don't have to attend Tafe *whoo*) at 4zzzFM radio station, I'm excited. I want this job really bad, it involves everything I'm passionate about (excluding Band of Brothers;D). Oh and the guy who called me to schedule the interview sounds hot.

I've made 5 icons of Perconte just because he's an absolute cutie and he made me laugh in my dream =P

perco 1 perco 2 perco 3 perco 4 perco 5
credit for brushes can be found here
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