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One Bitch Is Never Enough... [30 Oct 2006|03:48am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Coco's party was okay, not really what I was expecting - but then again Ben's a major queen so everything with him is over exaggerated I had fun though.

Now for the bitch...

It was a BYO party - meaning you actually have to bring your own alcohol, which also means buying your shit before you get to the event, that's the whole idea of BYO right?
Well on the way over to the party Ben texted Sarah to ask if we could buy his alcohol and his cigarettes as well as everyone else’s drinks! Sarah, Emily and I had already purchased our own alcohol and smokes and it wasn't as if the party was a last minute event (it had been planned over 2 months ago and the invitations were sent out about a month ago). So anyway Sarah and I happen to be the only ones of legal age, but we both reluctantly agreed to get it but the first place we went to was shut so we drove around (wasting more petrol) and eventually found an open liqueur shop. Sarah and I managed to find most of the requested drinks after much frustration and cussing. Then when we went to go buy it we'd gone over and had to put some things back, so some people wouldn't have had as much as they would have wanted. When we got back everyone was inside bitching about not getting what they wanted or paid for. FUCK you! If you wanted fucking alcohol you should of got it yourself. You don't even know me yet Sarah and I agreed to fucking go and get it for your unorganized asses, if it weren't for us you would've had fuck all so go make yourself a nice fat cup of shut the fuck up!
I hate being legal.

Because I'm desperate for work I applied at KFC, I filled out they're application, then got called to come in to do this stupid test so they know I'm not a fucking lamebrain who is incapable of working there, and then I got called in for an interview which was several weeks ago and they still haven't gotten back to me because Sam hasn't spoken to fucking Brooke. They're slack and it's just shitting me off.

I want to go to Uni next year to study Peace and Conflict Studies but I would only be able to do it off campus if I can't do that I'll be forced to find something else because I never got an OP I can't study internally and if I can't do this study I'll be so gutted, it's something I'm totally set on doing and if I have to start over it will be just like before with no idea of what I want to do.

Thomas Kretschmann has totally taken over my previous celebrity crush of Jake Gyllenhaal > Sorry Jake!

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[26 Oct 2006|02:23pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I'm going to try on my costume for Coco's party tonight. I was originally going as a nun because that's what springs to Coco's mind whenever he see's me but it'll be way too hot to wear it so I've decided on dressing as a beer wench. This will be the first time I've actually hired a real costume ever!

Apart from that I don't really have much else planned for the next few days apart from a bit of retail therapy on Saturday but as usual something or someone will pop up.

Got sent this:

1.YOUR SPY NAME: (middle name and current street name)
Alexandra Rangeview

2. YOUR MOVIE STAR NAME: (grandfather/grandmother on your dad's side, your favorite candy)
Gladys Fairyfloss (lol)

3. YOUR RAP NAME (first initial of first name, first three or four letters of your last name)
K Nel

4. YOUR GAMER TAG: (a favorite color, a favorite animal)
Red Orangutan

5. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born)
Alexandra Brisbane

6. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (first 3 letters of your last name, last 3 letters of mother's maiden name, first 3 letters of your pet's name)
Nel Ron Ral

7. JEDI NAME: (middle name spelled backwards, your mom's maiden name spelled backwards)
Ardnaxela Noremac

8. PORN STAR NAME: (first pet's name, the street you grew up on)
Gidget Evergreen

9. SUPERHERO NAME: ("The", your favorite color, the automobile your dad drives)
The Black Verada

10. YOUR ACTION HERO NAME: (first name of the main character in the last film you watched, last food you ate)
Sandy Oreo

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[05 Apr 2006|11:51am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Okay it's been months since I last made a real entry.
I've finished my traineeship finally, I was totally over it towards the end. The only thing I'm missing are the paychecks, back to being unemployed but not for long, I want money so I can spend it on useless stuff I don't need so I'm going to do Avon until something better pops up. Sucky I know but it's much better than working at a crappy food place.

I'm trying to lose weight for my cousin's wedding in October.
So I've started to make a lifestyle change, eating right and regularly exercising by joining the gym (I said trying;)) and not only that but being more active socially and just looking after myself more not neglecting my body. I feel better for it so far.

I've also kind of met this guy. He's a total dork and he makes me smile and he's sweet and kind and good looking...and to top it all off he's really into Military History and he's seen Band of Brothers and he loves it and he's just really cute you guys.

Speaking of guys
I've become a total fangirl of Jake Gyllenhaal LOL he's such a goof I totally <3 himCollapse )

We've had a new member added to our family --->Collapse )

I've missed you guys so much and I've really been horrible at keeping in touch, I suck. Anyway I'm back on and hopefully will be for some time, I want to know what you have been up to???

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[12 Jan 2006|05:19pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

Just a quick post to let you know I'm fine just been extremely hectic with work and family...things are just starting to slow down so I'll hopefully be around every now and then. I've missed you guys heaps and can't wait to catch up with you!

If you want you can send me your home address and I'll contact you the old fashioned way.

Much love


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[23 Oct 2005|06:57pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

My livejournaling has been totally non-existent lately, I barely have time to do everyday things let alone use the computer for anything other then checking my emails and my account.

Work is totally hectic we've been busy researching, trying to come up with a decent concept for our video, plus storyboarding, scripting and just generally learning about the moving making business. We have our client coming in tomorrow to discuss what exactly he wants as he's been very vague and rather clueless as to what he wants - which has it's good points and bad.

Hopefully with the contacts I acquire with doing this job I'll hopefully get some storyboarding work - even if it's freelance, (one of the big factors this traineeship is trying to achieve is to get us able to get work in this business after this job is complete.)

I went out with Shelley last night to Marianne's halloween party (I work with both girls, and yes I know halloween is next week) Shelley and I ended up ditching that party to go hang out with 2 of her friends down the road. I'm so glad Shelly was there it would of been hideously boring otherwise. I'm so buggered though, no sleep and too much bad stuff, my brain is such mush after last night and this morning.

Oh I also bought a Czech Mauser WWII rifle with a bayonet on Tuesday from one of the guys at work (he ADORES Band of Brothers) LOL we actually did the deal on a street corner! It's gorgeous I'll take some photos and post them up next chance I get.

I so do not feel like going to work tomorrow it feels like I haven't had a weekend.

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The truth is I miss you. [22 Sep 2005|02:45pm]
[ mood | morose ]

Never thought I'd feel so blue...

It's Craig's 33rd birthday next Monday, this reminder leaves me utterly depressed. I only ever met him a few times when I was eleven/twelve but he's the only crush that I still remember and give a damn about... and quite frankly, still love. I adore him more now that I'm older and because he was my cousin's ex I know alot more about him then what I did then...it makes it hurt all the more.


I worked at Paramount Photos yesterday from 10 till 3 at the Brookside store, it's more energetic than what it is at Aspley plus the majority of the customers are hot army guys rather then the wacky pensioners. I got paid for the work I did which was nice and unexpected, the people at the Paramount stores are lovely and I feel bad for now having to decline the job.

I got the traineeship! It starts next Monday, five days a week for 5 months -which means I'll be on the computer even less- the idea is that there will be 4 groups of 3 young people with each group producing a video for the Pine Rivers community. This will be my third video production involvement in less then two years and I think that's the reason why they decided to take me on board in the first place. It's not youth work but it's still community based so I'm pleased about that.

So today was my last day at Worklinks, I'm going to miss everyone there especially Rosemary who I totally heart. But we're all going to keep in touch and I'll still be seeing Chris every fortnight.
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[15 Sep 2005|10:48pm]
[ mood | worried ]

Have a job interview tomorrow, it's a 20 week trainee-ship on making a video for a local community.
I am so stressed about it because it's something that really interests me. honestly I am really lousy when it comes to interviews, I freeze up and forget the questions directed at me and then I lose my words and train of thought, my hands sweat to the extreme so that I'm embarrassed to shake hands with the person interviewing me. Not only is that bad enough but my period has decided to pay a little visit. Naturally my hormones are all over the place making me gloomy and feeling fatter than usual - not to mention the horrendous cramps I'm having -.

Tomorrow night is the Street-Van. I'm looking forward to it but I'm going to be beat when I get home which isn't a good thing at all, especially seen as we're celebrating my dead grandmother's 90th birthday at my Aunt's the next day.

I wish this week was over already.

P.S: I'll comment on everyone's journals sometime this weekend, I know my commenting has been appalling of late, please bear with me.

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[13 Sep 2005|02:11pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

X I'd forgotten how sexy Vin Diesel was in Fast and the Furious: The way Vin smacks that bad asian guy...ahh very nice indeed.
X Alex and I had a DVD veg out session this morning and were able to get through the whole of Fast and the Furious and Transporter before he skipped off to go play with his friends.
X I hate my face right now, my skin is hideous.
X I have so many silly little projects I want to do on Photoshop and my lack of painting lately is starting to bug me not to mention I only have one more day to finish getting all the screencaps I want off Band of Brothers before it has to go back to the library.
X We have a new boy at the course, he likes horses, he owns horses, therefore he is my new best friend - sorry Rox *muah*

Anyway that's it really just total and utter rambling.

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[08 Sep 2005|11:17pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

Read more...Collapse )

I have been so tired and withdrawn lately and have neglected those dear to me (love you Rox and sorry!)
Sometimes I just want to bury myself in my room and not come out, I'm not depressed just unsocialable at the moment for some reason and finding it had to finish projects eg: angelicrogue's fanfiction.

Anyway today was Tafe Day; we went to a boat-building class where we made our own fibreglass moulds. The room was putrid with about 50 million different types of chemicals going up into your brain and I swear the guy running the thing had inhaled too much resin. The good thing was Rosemary and I were able to check out some rather good looking fellows, very nice indeed=)

Apart from that nothing much has been happening, rather boring actually.

Kayla: I am working on your header and I'll try to finish it before the weekend is over.

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[31 Aug 2005|12:21pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Okay peeps I got a friggen job. I'm working at the photo place where I had work experience only thing is I'll probably start closer to Christmas - this year I am not going all out on presents...with any hope;) my will power is weak.

I finished reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I am sad, I really am. But then I'm really happy because Harry and Ron got some kissing action - not with each other though=( - and the word "slut" was in it! No honestly I do really feel mournful about what happened - Snape is a bastard and needs to die.

This is Louie, he is evil just like the icon says.

I was awoken by Alex in his sweet little please-don't-throw-anything-at-me-voice:
"Katie, there's a bird in the house"
"Katie, Louie bought a bird into the house"
"huh? Louie bought a what"
"FUCK! YOU FUCKING SERIOUS!! I'll be there in a minute. fucken cat."

It took Alex and I an HOUR AND A HALF to get the dumb fuck out - we even tried playing bird calls on the computer to try and coax it from the top cupboard. Dad musn't of given Louie his 6th breakfast this morning, either that, or dad turned his heater off.
The whole time we were trying to get it out I was complaining about disease and almost vomited because of it---I am weird I know, I have a thing about wild birds I think they're diseased (which they are!) and I feel dirty and unclean. Louie is a fat git.

The Cake Dad Bailey
Photos from Roberts 21st Birthday party...
click on any image
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[27 Aug 2005|01:40am]
[ mood | worried ]

Finished Roberts painting today - finally! Only thing is now I have to do a charcoal sketch of my Uncle for his Birthday before the party starts at 12:00 tomorrow...and I have no charcoal, so early tomorrow morning I'll have to go down to the art shop and get some supplies and then try to do a decent sketch within a few hours - shading sucks.

My cousin Stewart has disappeared, no one knows where he is and haven't spoken to him since he left (not even his siblings or Grandma who he is close to) and he just packed in his job, it's all so unlike him, especially to just leave his nephew, Bailey - who he adores. He's still messed up over his dad's death and his fiancee recently called everything off. I really hope he's okay and out of harms way.

--Changed my layout (obviously). I'm liking it, I still have to change/add a few things but I'm too tired to bother with it now.

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[25 Aug 2005|02:01am]
[ mood | groggy ]

I was suppose to have work experience Tuesday but over the weekend I caught the flu and the reality was I could not possibly go to it, so I called the guy up to tell him I couldn't make it, straight away he had an attitude and was just being an absolute pig even when I told him I had a doctors certificate.
It's work experience - I'm not getting paid for it and I don't think the old bastard would of liked been coughed and sneezed on and have dirty tissues stuck to his shoes. I was upset afterward because I'm not one of those workers who doesn't give a shit even if I despise the job, I just get in and do it without complaint. I knew from the first time I met him that he was going to give me a hard time. I spoke to Sarah right after I spoke with him and she advised me to cancel the whole work there so I have.
My flu has now set up house in my chest making me sound like an old car trying to start on a cold morning every time I laugh which makes me laugh even more.

I was watching Band of Brothers today and while watching Carantan at the part where Easy Company loses contact with Fox Company Harry comes up to Frank to tell him to tell the others to hold up while Hoobs and Blithe go looking for the officers who crapped out on their training and I swear to God it sounds like Harry called Frank "honey" - example: "honey, go tell that sexy Winters to hold his fine ass up and I'll be there in two shakes as I have a bit of a problem with those naughty but oh so foxy troopers;)" *loser*. I'm probably wrong, my hearing has been shit all week (yes shittier than normal *gasp*.) I want to know if any of you think it sounds like it too or whether I'm completely bonkas. Ladies retrieve your discs and get listening:D

I got the new Harry Potter out from the library on Monday but so far I've only read 32 pages out of 600 and something, my head has turned to slush.

I am running out of smokes doo-dah

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[20 Aug 2005|12:41pm]
[ mood | okay ]

I bought the most gorgeous pair of navy pants yesterday. They are a really perfect fit, which is rare. And a pair of cropped baggy jeans...I must say that I love money!
After Robert's party I'm going to go for my Learners, it's about damn time I went for the test.

In February I'm going to be doing Certificate III in Community Services (Youth Work) I've been thinking about Youth Work for a while now. I think that's what I want to do, I'm keen on it and I enjoy helping out and listening to kids that are at risk. I think this has been a long time coming for me, I loved the work I did at school with the teachers and the kids.

Read more...Collapse )

God this week is busy for me.

Today and tomorrow:
-Cleaning for Robert's party and the house inspection
-As well as finishing the painting
-My course 9:00am - 2:00pm
-More cleaning
Tuesday & Wednesday:
-Work experience at Pets Paradise 8:30am - 4:30pm...the guy sounds like an asshole and I think he'll give me trouble.
-Same as Monday.
-The house inspection.
-Plus it's Sarah's b'day and she wants to go into fucking Sounthbank to drink (totally over the whole 'drunk and disorderly' thing).
-Same as Tuesday and Wednesday.
-Robert's party.

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[15 Aug 2005|02:12pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

Fuck I've fallen for a guy 3 years younger than me! We argue and never agree on anything except Band of Brothers. He's one of those boys your mother warns you about and not the type I would like to be with but I like him anyway. He's so goddamn cute *sigh*^_^

It's Robert's 21st today, I've almost finished the painting I'm doing of him...

title or description
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[11 Aug 2005|02:55pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

On Tuesday at the photo lab place where I'm doing work experience (tomorrow is my last day there btw)this young good looking guy came in wanting a thingy for his camera. I had to scrape my jaw off the ground, no kidding he looked exactly like Eion Bailey. The slightly curly hair, the crystalline blue eyes and the whole face structure was that of Eion's. It sure made my day along with all the male nudey photos I had to print^_^.

Talking of boys, I seriously think Chris (the guy I posted about a few entries down) likes me, he obsessively asks me how I'm doing every 10 minutes and always sits next to me plus I constantly catch him looking at me...thank fuck he's leaving for the South this Sunday. Why on Earth do I attract all the deadshits? And why do I find myself attracted to younger guys that would not be attracted to me? Talking about guys gets me down. bleh. That's enough about that for today.

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[08 Aug 2005|05:05pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

I'm so tired lately, all I want to do is sleep. Man I wish I were a kid again - no commitments and free to do whatever (like sleep).

I've been listening to Tori Amos at night when I'm relaxed and my mind is slowly turning to jelly. The result has been all of these neat and wacked out art ideas that I have to scribble down (which is annoying but worth it). Only problem is I can clearly see the images in my head and I desperately want to digitally paint them on PSP (I wish I had Photoshop, it'd make things slightly easier) but when I try, it turns out shit and not what I want. I'm so frustrated with myself, I need someone to show me step by step and by that I mean every Goddamn brush stroke. Why can't mine turn out like nykolai's

It's Roberts 21st next week today, I have nothing for him. I was planning on doing a painting for him because he's been bugging me for ages...but I need a canvas, brushes, a few paints, and stuff to mix the paint I'm running low on everything!

My cravings for Band of Brothers are coming back.

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[31 Jul 2005|07:44pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Robert and I got in a fight last night, he's such a control freak. As always I came out second last - he busted my lip and threw a cling-wrap box at me and cut my shoulder...yup he's an a-class asshole. I'm over it now, but I still have alot of anger towards him for all the abuse he's put me through over the years.

Anyway that shit's depressing, I don't want to go into all my old crap.

Dad went to my Aunt's yesterday to rifle through my Granddads old war photos/documents- I now wish I'd of gone with him. I was never able to really get to know him he had a major stroke leaving him half paralyzed and speechless when he was in his fifties, it's only now that I'm discovering about him and his life. I have so much respect and love for both my grandparents, I'll be heart broken when I lose my Grandmammy and my Granddaddy (my mums parents).

This is my Dads Dad, Grandpa Cec in his uniform
He was a supply Captain during the war isn't he handsome --->Collapse )

I love this photo of Grandma and Grandpa, they look like they're straight out of an old war movie --->Collapse )

Grandpa standing with two 'Fuzzie Wuzzie Angels' - on a side note it's so wonderful that these men have now finally been recognized for their help during the war --->Collapse )

A drawing my Grandpa did of his hut in Milne Bay, New Guinea --->Collapse )

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[30 Jul 2005|06:16pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

Work experience is okay, bit boring and slow but okay none-the-less.
I work with 2 other women, Debbie and Izzy. Izzy is from Scotland, she cracks me up with her accent- she reminds me of Grounds-keeper Willy from the Simpsons when she says certain things.

I had an asthma attack on Thursday morning. I was still half asleep when it happened and I got out of bed and by the time I reached the door I could hardly breathe. Dad quickly got the puffer as I swayed towards the living room (wearing just my undies and a jumper) I thought I was going to black out, my vision went all fuzzy and dark and my god my head and ears felt like they were going to explode. I managed to get my breathing under control but I felt sick for the rest of the day.

OMG there's this guy at the Worklinks course, Chris. We where job searching at the computers when he just randomly came out and asked me if I was 'getting any lately'. WTF who asks that?? He's such a slime, imagine a pimple with legs and that's him! *yuck*

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[26 Jul 2005|07:57pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I didn't end up getting the job. When I rocked up for the interview I was immediately disappointed, the place was so unbelievably dodgy - they didn't even have carpet, just cement and it was in The Valley (not a good place at all) I don't even think I would of taken the job if I got it.
Anywho I'm doing work experience Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday for 3 weeks at a photographic processing place just down the road from where I live. Today was my first day, so far I really like it, the other workers are total dolls and I enjoy learning about all the machines. On monday's and Thursdays I have to go into the stupid course thing that I've been doing. I hate trying to find a job let alone a career, I've lost count of how many times I've wanted to do this or that.

My body is dieing for a fruit and vegetable cleansing. I'm craving fresh whole pineapple, cold juicy oranges and Japanese green tea SO bad my mouth is watering at the thought of it all! Once mum's back at work it's nothing but organic goodness for me:D

My feet hurt and I'm exhausted, I'll comment to ya'll tomorrow night *kisses*

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[19 Jul 2005|01:35pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

I feel so alone in the family. Since Robert started working for the same company that my dad works at I've noticed how close the two have come. I'm not a jealous person but it's my dad, it's always been Mum and Robert vs Dad and me every since I can remember.
There's no way in hell that I'm going to become buddy-buddy with mum anytime soon either. Dad was my life-line (that sounds corny, but it's true)I have always gone to him when I've been in trouble and he was the only one that was really there for me when I went through depression and when I tried killing myself. Now I feel like Robert taking it all away.

anyway enough whining...
I have a job interview on Wednesday (therefore I don't have to attend Tafe *whoo*) at 4zzzFM radio station, I'm excited. I want this job really bad, it involves everything I'm passionate about (excluding Band of Brothers;D). Oh and the guy who called me to schedule the interview sounds hot.

I've made 5 icons of Perconte just because he's an absolute cutie and he made me laugh in my dream =P
enjoyCollapse )

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